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In 2003, I started Emochila out of an apartment in Brazil with one of my colleagues. Over a period of ten years we built it into a multi-million dollar SaaS firm. Our firm was bootstrapped from beginning to end.

In 2012, we negotiated a sale of the business to Thomson Reuters, a Fortune Global 1000 firm with a market cap of twenty-eight billion, and 57,800 employees.

Presently advising, capitalizing, or working with small to midsize firms.

Based in Portland and Bend, Oregon.


Beginning in 2010, our family founded and grew The Masters Review, an online publication for emerging writers. Through the years, that platform blossomed to six others, an over 500K person newsletter, and tens of thousands of paid submissions annually. It was sold in a private deal in 2019.


In 2016, I was recruited to become the COO for Submittable, a social impact platform based in Missoula, Montana while simultaneously acquiring a significant stake in the company. Presently, the company manages over 11,000 clients and collected over 25MM applications on their way to substantial growth.

In 2020, I was recruited to be the President of PWCC Marketplace while simultaneously acquiring a significant stake in the company, the largest platform for trading card sales in the world. Under my tenure, PWCC went from 6MM in annual sales to 600MM annually during an insane runup in the collectibles world. PWCC was sold to the sports giant Fanatics in 2023.

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